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Future Chicken: Empowering kids to make a difference in their environment

Meet Potato and Frittata, the stars of  Future Chicken

Future Chicken’s flywheel of content uses culture and entertainment to inspire kids to feel they can take action and feel empowered to change their future.

This new children’s resource focuses on teaching sustainability and spreading planet positivity in an entertaining way that kids won’t even realize they are learning! Helping cull any anxieties children might have about the changing environment, the Future Chicken characters communicate in a lighthearted and positive way that provides organic, non-pressured learning about how kids and families can make a difference in their environment. 

Kids can watch Future Chicken short-form episodes, as well as long-form Future Chicken Today Show,  on YouTube, and then join forces with the Future Chicken characters in Roblox to run, jump, and slide through 30 stages, taking small steps to help the environment of the future with Potato and her planet protecting friends from Future Chicken!

  • YouTube Series: Meet Potato, Frittata and the Planet Protectors in hilarious nature-filled videos that empower kids to make a positive impact on our planet and address eco-anxiety. Cutting-edge technology allows for Potato and Frittata (living in the year 2050) to interview scientists, activists, influencers and more from present-day planet Earth. 
  • Roblox: Join the Future Chicken characters on Roblox in “Escape Bathroom Obby with Future Chicken!” Gear up to run, jump, and learn in this mega eco-conscious journey through a gigantic house!  Guided by Future Chicken’s very own Potato the Chicken, kids will shrink down and take on 30 challenges while picking up cool eco-friendly tips. Click HERE to play!

Visit to learn more about the series and meet the team. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Free and Easy Activity Ideas for Earth Month

Earth Month (celebrated in April) is a great time to teach kids about caring for our planet.

🌱 Easy Activities (Great for younger kids)

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt:pen_spark Prepare a list of simple items to find outside (a smooth rock, a yellow flower, something green, etc.). Get exploring and have fun checking items off together! via
  • Recycled Art: Gather yogurt containers, cardboard boxes, egg cartons…anything recyclable! Let kids build sculptures, robots, or whatever their imaginations dream up.
  • Plant Something: Head to a garden center and pick out seeds for flowers, herbs, or veggies. Kids love seeing something grow from their care.
  • Bird Feeder Fun: Make a simple pinecone bird feeder. Coat a pinecone in peanut butter, roll in birdseed, and hang it outside. Enjoy watching feathered friends come for a snack.

🌎 Slightly More Involved Projects

  • Start a Compost Bin: A great way to teach kids about how things decompose while creating awesome soil for plants! Check out this guide:
  • “Trash to Treasure” Challenge: For a week, save items you’d normally throw away. Then, brainstorm ways to reuse them with your kids. Empty jars become pencil holders, plastic bottles become mini planters, and possibilities are endless!
  • Earth Day Pledge: Talk about ways to help the planet (turning off lights, saving water, etc.). Have kids write or draw their promises on a decorated poster for display.
  • Litter Cleanup: Grab gloves and bags and head to a local park or beach. Kids become “Earth Heroes” while making a real difference.

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