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“Study With Me” ft. Storm Reid x Apple

Studying, revising, or working alone can be boring, lonely, and often hard to stay focused. As students study for midterms this month, Apple released its first “Study with Me” video, which features Emmy-nominated Storm Reid (The Last of Us, Euphoria, Missing), a Junior at the University of Southern California (USC) earning her degree in Dramatic Arts with a minor in African American studies.

Millions of students around the world use “Study With Me” videos to help them focus while they get their work done. 

In this video, Storm uses the Pomodoro Technique — a proven method that’s broken into 25-minute study sessions followed by 5 minutes of break time. The film adds elements of magical realism to her breaks and features a new Afrobeats single by Mr. Eazi, “Fefe Ne Fefe” (released on Monday, Oct. 9). 

Quote from Storm:

“I’m excited to share this new study with me video from Apple that we created as a tool for students to get work done. As a Junior at the University of Southern California — go Trojans! — I spend a lot of time studying, and I’ve found it’s so important for me to balance work with music and movement. I swear by the Pomodoro technique, which is 25-minute study sessions followed by 5-minute breaks that I find so critical for self-care and mental wellness. It was fun to collaborate with Apple to incorporate whimsy and my favorite music into each break. With midterms coming up, I hope my classmates and other students can watch this and find this method as helpful as I have.”

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