The Impact of Book Bans and How We Can Motivate Kids to Read

Let’s just start off with something. Banning books and censoring open access to knowledge, history, and facts, is undeniably dumb. Mistakes told as stories, and opportunities to heal and learn need to happen in order to move forward with a better plan and greater understanding of existence and how to welcome new ideas that promote safe spaces, empathy, and a broader worldview.

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Literacy Advocate Shares the Impact of Book Censorship & How Parents Can Motivate Their Kids to Read

The story in brief:

  • Book Bans are happening all around the county, not just at schools but now at public libraries too.
  • Carew Papritz is an educational thought leader & award-winning author speaking out and raising awareness.
  • His inspirational message is applicable to all people, especially students of all ages as well as parents, teachers, and caregivers who wish to inspire their kids to become lifelong learners through the love of literature. 

Book bans are sweeping across the nation, not just at schools but at public libraries too, a disheartening, disgraceful, and perilous development.

According to literacy advocate Carew Papritz, It’s imperative that we collectively work to find effective ways to prevent this troubling trend from further encroaching upon our literary freedoms. 

While it’s undeniably difficult to find any glimmer of positivity in such a dire situation, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to stay positive. One potential silver lining is that it could encourage children to embrace reading even more fervently, and this motivation can drive us to find solutions to safeguard our intellectual diversity and freedom of expression.

“If an adult tells a child they can’t have something…they want it more.  By making this fruit forbidden, book censorship groups actually promote reading and awareness of American literary classics and lesser known books…” says Carew Papritz, an educational thought leader and award-winning author of The Legacy Letters. 

According to Papritz, this may be the perfect time to inspire children to get their noses out of screens and into the pages of books.

“Today, many children see reading as a boring activity that just can’t compete with the stimulation of technology…That’s why we need to get creative if we want to encourage a love of reading,” says Papritz.

Carew Papritz is on a mission to inspire and challenge kids across the nation to spark their curiosity through reading and literacy. He believes in and stands for the importance of books and reading, especially for students.

Carew Papritz is the award-winning author of the bestselling inspirational book, The Legacy Letters.  Through his innovative literacy efforts to inspire kids to read, Papriz has created the “I Love to Read” and “First-Ever Book Signings” through his “CarewTube” video series.  He is also the creator of National Thank You Letter Day, and the World’s Largest Thank You Letter–receiving a Guinness World Record for the project. As an educational thought leader, Papritz continues in his personal passion to teach people of all ages about personal and global legacy issues. Papritz’s writing has been published in a number of media outlets including the Kelly Clarkson ShowHuffpost, Inc., Reader’s Digest, Fox News, Woman’s World Magazine, Yahoo! News, & First Time Parent Magazine.

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10 Fun Ways To Motivate Your Kids to Read

  1. Bookish Treasure Hunt: Create a treasure map with clues that lead to different books hidden around the house or yard. Make it an adventure for your kids to solve the riddles and find their literary treasures.
  2. Reading Rewards Chart: Design a colorful chart where kids can track their reading progress. Offer small rewards or treats when they reach milestones, like finishing a certain number of pages or books.
  3. Family Reading Time: Dedicate a specific time each day or week for family reading. Gather everyone in a cozy spot and read your own books silently or take turns reading aloud from a family-selected book.
  4. Bookish DIY Crafts: Combine creativity with reading by doing book-related arts and crafts. Make bookmarks, create book-themed decorations, or even design your own book covers.
  5. Library Adventures: Plan regular trips to the local library. Let your kids choose books that pique their interest and explore new genres. Make it an outing they look forward to.
  6. Storytelling Nights: Rotate family members as storytellers. Each person can take a turn making up a story on the spot or retelling a favorite story from memory. Encourage imagination and embellishment.
  7. Book-to-Movie Nights: Choose books that have been adapted into movies and have a movie night after finishing the book. Discuss the differences between the two and let your kids compare which they liked better.
  8. Reading Nooks and Forts: Create cozy reading nooks or build forts using blankets and pillows. Make these special places for reading, stocked with snacks and books.
  9. Reading Challenges: Set up reading challenges or book bingo cards with categories like “Read a book about animals” or “Read a book with a blue cover.” Kids can check off items as they complete them.
  10. Book Club for Kids: Start a book club with your child and their friends. Choose a book together, read it, and then have a mini-book club meeting to discuss thoughts and opinions. Provide snacks and fun book-related activities.

Remember to make reading a fun and enjoyable experience, rather than a chore. By incorporating these ideas, you can ignite your child’s love for reading and help them develop a lifelong passion for books.

how to motivate kids to read, kids books, the power of reading, why kids need to read

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