Seven Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media

As parents, we know how quickly kids can pick up on new technology. And while social media can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family, it can also be a dangerous place if misused. That’s why it’s important to make sure our children are safe when they use social media.

Here are seven tips for keeping kids safe on social media.

Set Limits and Boundaries
Most social media platforms have age limits, so make sure your child is aware of them and is following them. Also, set limits for yourself as a parent by establishing rules and expectations for your child’s behaviour online. This could include setting time limits, monitoring their interactions with others, or limiting the type of content they post or view.

Monitor Their Activity
As a parent, it’s important to have an active role in your child’s online activity. Before allowing them to join any social media platform, take the time to familiarize yourself with its features and functions so that you can better monitor their activity.

Make sure you discuss appropriate online behaviour with your child before allowing them to use any platform and regularly check in with them about their online activity.

Educate Your Child About Online Safety
It’s important to educate your child about the risks associated with using social media such as cyberbullying or being targeted by predators.

Explain the importance of privacy settings and staying away from inappropriate material or content that could put them at risk of harm or exploitation.

Make sure they understand that not all people online are who they say they are, so encourage them to be careful about who they interact with and what information they share, such as their address or phone number.

Report Inappropriate Content Immediately
Anytime your child comes across inappropriate content or messages they should report it immediately so that it can be removed from the platform and any necessary steps taken against those responsible for posting it in the first place. If someone is trying to contact your child inappropriately then report it immediately as well – even if you think it may just be a joke – as these situations should never be taken lightly.

Keeping our kids safe on social media is an important task for any parent. By having conversations about appropriate online behaviours, setting boundaries around usage, and monitoring our children’s activities, we can ensure that our children are using these platforms safely.

Furthermore, educating ourselves about online safety risks is key for making informed decisions when choosing which platforms we allow our children access to.

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Content lives forever, what we hear isn’t always true, and how algorithms can keep us from getting new opinions. Social media and the online world keep changing and we need to be able to help our kids navigate it safely and that starts with education. 

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