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Science World Launches Exclusive Expo 86 Merchandise

Fundraising for the Future By Connecting to its Past & Commemorating nearly 35 Years

Did you know that the Science World dome was originally created for Expo 86? Originally named the ‘Expo Centre’, it was never meant to be a permanent structure, nor the scientific, educational and iconic attraction it is in Vancouver, almost 35 years later. Science World is celebrating its past while ushering in its future with an exclusively-designed line of iconic Expo 86 merchandise, recognizing the role Expo 86 played in Science World as we know it today.

This series of Expo 86-themed and branded items, feature the nostalgic Expo 86 logo, branding and, of course – Expo Ernie. The Expo 86 family of marks are owned by the Government of the Province of British Columbia and are used by Science World under license. Funds raised by the sale of this exclusively-designed, limited Expo 86 merchandise will support essential programming for the non-profit and its mission to expand STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & design and math) learning.

“The Expo 86 logo and Ernie character are iconic parts of Canadian design history that we’ve been honoured to get the chance to bring to life – all in support of ScienceWorld. I remember being at Expo 86— in fact, it’s one of my first childhood memories, so I’m excited to bring this line to life and to the public.” – Jen Cook, Creative Director, Science World.

The full lineup of gifting ready swag includes:

  • Expo 86 Tee and Expo Ernie Tee for $34.99
  • Expo Ernie Sweatshirt for $69.99
  • Expo 86 Bomber Jacket for $89.99
  • Expo 86 Baseball Cap for $34.99
  • Expo 86 Tote Bag for $24.99
  • Expo 86 Poster for $24.99
  • Expo 86 Mug for $16.99
  • Pins (Expo 86 and Expo Ernie) for $7.99
  • Stickers (Expo 86 Logo Sticker, Expo 86 Classic Sticker Expo Ernie) for $3.99

Science World was recently bolstered by a much-needed $10-million infrastructure investment in federal funding through the Pacific Economic Development Canada (PacifiCan) Tourism Relief Fund but much more is needed. Funds from the Expo 86 campaign will help further essential education, like Science World’s globally-lauded STEAM initiative and community programming, across BC.

“Expo 86 was Vancouver’s first world-class event, inviting 22 million visitors from all over the world to Vancouver in a 5 month span, and the Expo Centre was at the centreof it,” says Nancy Roper, Vice President, Development at Science World. “By connecting Vancouver’s history with its future, we hope that the Expo 86 series both fundraises and educates about the crucial role that this event played in defining Vancouver as a world-class city, and in establishing Science World as a leading incubator of science innovation and education serving millions across BC every year.”

Buy your swag today at #Expo86

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