Self Image: How Men Can Feel Good in Their Body

We’ve talked about the body positivity movement before, and how it can benefit men just as much as women. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, so are you comfortable in your own skin? Contrary to popular belief, body positivity is still about taking care of yourself and being healthy, but it’s also about developing confidence and acceptance of your body, regardless of shape or size. 

Have Realistic Goals 

So how can you embrace body positivity and learn to love the way you look? One of the first places to start is to break down some of the myths that modern television and media have helped to create. We may all want to look like a character from a Marvel movie, but that’s just not realistic. Bobby Holland Hanton, Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double, reported he has to eat a staggering 35 times a day to maintain his superhero physique. It’s a full-time job, and Hanton fully admits his routine wasn’t healthy and was detrimental to his social life and mental health. 

Extreme workouts have seen a huge rise in popularity, with the rise of CrossFit and now even ‘Marvel-themed’ workout routines. 

Many people trained in physical fitness are skeptical of the health benefits of these intensive routines. While exercise is great, and working out is something you should be proud of, constantly pushing yourself and ignoring signs from your body to slow down for the sake of quick gains can actually do a lot more harm than good. In fact, a number of experts actually recommend against these kinds of exercises. 

You want to stay healthy, and physical activity is incredibly important, but you should work to find a routine that fits your needs, and set realistic goals.

Keep Up Your Personal Grooming

While staying active is a core component of self-confidence, there are a lot more things you can do to improve your appearance in just a few minutes. Consider a new hairstyle or wardrobe. Take a look at current trends and see what you think will look good on you. You can also take this opportunity to address problem areas that may affect your self-image. For example, if you suffer from thinning hair, you might consider talking to your doctor about a medication like finasteride for men. The earlier you catch thinning/receding hair, the better your chances of keeping your hair. 

If you want to grow a beard, there are endless styles to choose from, and facial hair is definitely in style right now. Going clean-shaven is still a totally viable option, and it all depends on what you think will work best for you. You may have to try a few different styles before you find a look that suits you.

Learn to Love the Body You Have 

Possibly the most important component of body positivity is acceptance. While eating well and staying active is crucial to your health, having realistic expectations is also important.  Your body doesn’t need to look like a Marvel character in order to be desirable. Try to reframe the way you speak to yourself, and remind yourself of your talents, abilities, and your character. These are the things that really make you who you are. You also might want to consider your relationship with your scale. Constantly weighing yourself isn’t necessary, as you’re more than a set of numbers. Learning to question the unrealistic standards portrayed in the media and finding comfort in your own body is something that can bring you a lot of peace of mind. 

Learning to love your body can be a challenge, but it’s an attainable goal that’ll serve your sense of self, and help you to lead a happier, more self-actualized life.

You deserve to feel good in your body, and with a little bit of effort, you can. 

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