The Letter [video]– Advice from Fathers to Their Daughters

With the potentially negative impact of social media always present, it can be a challenge for parents to provide meaningful advice to their children.

Ken Wimberly commissioned this short film, “The Letter” so fathers could connect and be more present in their children’s lives. It’s a short story of hope and inspiration that brings real, crowdsourced advice from dads around the world into focus.

Ken wanted to share something meaningful with his daughter when she graduated high school, and when he asked his friends to help, it turned into something magical. He felt he had to share it, and this film was his way to amplify the message.

This film is a tribute to all those parents. It is also a request for other dads, moms, and grandparents to share their own #LegacyAdvice they would want to pass down to their children and grandchildren.

What advice would you like to pass on to your daughter?

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