A little help this season: Catherine’s Family

I don’t usually do this, but it’s for a friend.

via GoFundMe: Catherine is in her early 40s, she is dealing with her recent and devastating diagnosis of stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer with metastases (spread) to her hip bones and lower spine. 

Inflammatory breast cancer is both rare and very aggressive. It also presents differently than other types of breast cancer, which is why it was misdiagnosed as an infection when Catherine went to her doctor in late summer 2021 with concerns. As she was waiting for a mammogram in the fall, she started to have unexplained pain in her hip; physiotherapy didn’t seem to help. 

Due to a combination of the misdiagnosis, waiting in the Canadian medical system, and COVID-related delays, by the time Catherine got an accurate diagnosis, it was the first week of November. She couldn’t walk anymore, the pain from her hips was so severe. A week after the diagnosis, Catherine broke her femur due to a combination of mobility issues and bone fragility, both a result of cancer. She has been in hospital ever since and is trying to build up her ability to walk after two surgeries to insert metal rods in her hips.

Time in hospital has been extended because of extreme pain relief needs and further mobility needed for the home. Catherine is waiting for an appointment at the BC Cancer Agency later in December to know what her treatment options might be if any. She knows treatment will only give her more time with her husband Andre, and their three young children; all three kids have a diagnosis of Autism and need additional support and specialized therapy. 

Catherine had to stop working at her job as an Early Interventionist and Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Urgent funds from this campaign will help to cover a range of costs, including specialized equipment, supports at home, as well as income loss. 

Please donate if you can: so Andre can focus on caring for his wife and children, and to give Catherine the peace of mind that they can keep their house.

Donations through GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-catherines-family-secure-their-future


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