Big Brand Tech Launches Are Forgetting Something

I love ‘TechTober’, the deluge of incredible advancements from all the biggest and best names in technology throughout the month of October.

From the Sony A7 IV that launched today, DJI’s Ronin 4D gimble cinema camera, Huawei’s product launch happening later today, and even Instagram’s new feature to finally post from the desktop instead of just the app that’s rolling out right now.

However, the usual brand strategy to assist the brands to reach as many eyeballs as possible is to team up with the same crew of mega-Influencers and polished content creators like Peter McKinnon, iJustine, and Matti Haapoja.

They’re a sure bet to show off their new products in a guaranteed fashion to their loyal audience in crisp footage that looks professional because that’s what they do. They’re professional photographers. Very plug-and-play.

But, what if there was another way?

What if the big brands used the hungry, enthusiastic, eager-to-please people who absolutely love photography but the latest tech is something they strive for? To show their not-quite-pro level photography, videography, or daily life captures take a bounding leap forward with the use of the new Sony, DJI, Huawei, Canon, or any other advancements would be a golden opportunity.

Brands need to show their existing and future customers how their gear can take them from a skilled enthusiast to a pro thanks to the innovation inside their devices. Of course, no matter the tech, experience and subject knowledge are always the key, but these beauties sure can help.

Imagine the buzz, if a brand gave out 100 of their newest devices to people who could take a great photo but are always dreaming about something a bit more advanced to take it on. Imagine the word-of-mouth that 100 smaller-level creators would create when their favourite brands chose them to represent them and try out something that they’ve been investing their valuable time to reading about, discussing on forums, and fantasizing about owning. Imagine, if these real people were the ones who got to show off their work, elevated by your product. Pretty neat, right?

So, how about it? Give the other guys a chance?

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  1. Michael Kwan

    October 21, 2021 at 10:43 am

    I feel like this holds true outside of Techtober too, just broadly speaking. If companies have XYZ budget to spend, I feel like they could have a bigger impact working with 100 “nanoinfluencers” (or whatever label you want to use) than with a much smaller handful of “big-time” YouTubers. Food for thought. There’s something to be said about “real” people sharing their experiences in a more authentic, less polished way.

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