Task Transition Time: what it is and why men need it

I have no idea why this is, but men often need some transition time between tasks before being asked about something new.

We’re simple creatures, there’s no arguing that but when we put our full attention to something or have been busy with work, grocery shopping, driving, or making the dinner, sometimes we just need a second to decompress and let our minds find balance before providing any sort of value in a conversation.

Ever wonder why we finish doing something and spend 10 minutes in the bathroom? We’re having a moment of peace where we aren’t getting asked questions and can get our thoughts straight.

My daughter just loves to show me her new move or ability to (almost) whistle, which she is very proud of and that’s fair enough. However, it always seem to be the second I step into the room after closing an hour-long Zoom call or writing a research-heavy article.

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From what I understand, Women have the ability to multitask, whereas men are one-track-minded. I often find myself thinking about a project or idea while doing the vacuuming or washing dishes but then I have to stop my task and write it down. I don’t think I’d be able to do the two at once. In fact, right now I’ve moved the coffee table aside, pushed the couch back and the vacuum cleaner is standing next to me half full of dust and cat hair. And my wife just came in and asked if I’m going to finish the bathroom. I better save this and come back to it later.

Ok I’m back. That carpet looks amazing. Does anyone else have a favourite spot to clean? Mine’s by the door where the boots go. It’s always filthy but is great when it’s neat. Oh. I’ve completely proven my point. Even when sitting down after doing something as monotonous as a Saturday morning spring clean, I’m still thinking about it.

Here are a few ways that men can decompress, recombobulate, and find balance.

  • 5-minutes without questions or requests
  • 5-minute meditation
  • 5-minutes (or half an hour) in the bathroom

Right. My head’s back on straight, what’s next?

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