Building a blanket fort birthday

When you’re looking for ideas for indoor birthday parties or even rainy day activities, building a blanket fort it’s always a super fun option and with just a few adjustments, it can go from a blanket hanging over the couch, to epic indoor festival.

To start, string a strong piece of rope or nylon camping string and hang between either a door hinge, a secure curtain rod or a stud nail. If it’s in dry wall, the weight might pull it right out.

Then use bulldog/binder clips to secure a large bedsheet with a few inches draped over the front. Secure the back of the sheet either over another rope or over the backs of a couple armchairs or a sofa.

Use more binder clips to secure two walls, add all the pillows in the house and either an air mattress or comforters to make it super cozy.

For extra pizzazz, add a string of battery powered LED fairy lights.

Next up is the entertainment, and we went for some seasonal cookie decorating with plenty of ingredient tasting.

As a special surprise, we asked Princess Aurora, via my friends at Crowned Princess, to record a video message, complete with a song and personalized birthday greeting. It really made her whole day magical.

We added in a few Zoom calls with her friends and family so they could join in the fun, and to watch our little 5 year old blow out her candle.

As always, it’s not the size of the event or the presents that makes a day special, it’s the time spent together.

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  1. John Adams

    December 16, 2020 at 3:37 am

    Even at my kids’ advanced ages, they still like a blanket fort. Think we’d have one in the living room as a permanent fixture if they had their way!

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