Standing Behind Brands That Empower Acts of Kindness

Given the current climate, we could all use a little pick me up story. As a Dad who tries to remain somewhat stylish, or at least comfy, a good pair of socks is important, but for those who don’t have access to clean clothes, a fresh pair can mean the world.

There have been lots of incredible acts of brand-kindness throughout the recent events, bringing new meaning and relevance to those who claim to have elements of ‘social conscience’ in their company mission statement.

From Starbucks offering free coffees to front-line workers, to BN3TH apparel giving a substantial discount for anyone working on public-facing jobs.

For parents, one opportunity that we’ve found right now is to help out kids understand the value of giving back to those who are in less stable positions and to support companies who are doing great things.

Toronto-based Sock Footage’s company mission is to empower individuals to engage in acts of kindness as a by-product of simple, everyday sock purchases. Most people are unaware that socks are the most needed but least donated items at homeless shelters. With COVID-19 silently making its way across the nation, the homeless community is amongst one of the most vulnerable populations, and needs them now more than ever. As such, for every pair of socks purchased from their site (which ships to both the U.S. and Canada), a complimentary donation pair is provided courtesy of the brand.

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Sock Footage has also been piloting their first charitable sock vending machine at Ryerson University, located in the city’s downtown core. They are hoping that this free pair of socks will help consumers feel like they are able to give back despite their current self-isolation status!

In addition, they are continuing to deliver socks to one of their partner charities, Ve’ahavta who have a mobile outreach van distributing much-needed supplies to those living on the streets.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up there are plenty of gifting options, so wherever you spend your money, make sure it’s with a company that is helping the communities around you.

Stay safe, stay positive.

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