Power Your Toys Like Never Before

Picture the scene, it’s Christmas morning, the kids are opening their presents and can’t wait to turn them on and play with them. Oh, they need batteries.

No problem, you’re sure you’ve got some in that top kitchen drawer with the envelopes, tiny Ikea pencil, and a selection of elastic bands.

Great news! You were right, you put them in the toy and they work.

Just as you’re about to sit back and relax while your kids bathe in the glow of their new presents, you don’t even get the praise for battling the queues, traffic, and impossible parking lot. They thank Santa Claus.

But oh no! The batteries have run out of juice. Now it’s up to you to explain to your kids that they’ll have to wait until Boxing Day to play. You’ve ruined Christmas. What were you thinking?

Perhaps this is a bit of a guilt-trip, or is it?

Sort yourself out, and be better than Santa (kinda) by presenting Duracell’s new Optimum batteries to your kids. Oh sure, the toy is shiny, but with Optimum’s new cathode system (the kids won’t care about this bit), 

Optimum can deliver Extra Life in some devices or Extra Power in others, versus Coppertop. I’ve found that it keeps my daughter’s electric piano going for longer (which she loves).

The batteries also come packaged in a new slider pack with a resealable storage tray. That means your days of rifling through the kitchen drawer trying to distinguish which loose batteries still have juice are over.

Duracell Optimum AA and AAA batteries are available at London Drugs and will save the holidays.

If you’re in a pinch and need replacement batteries ASAP, check and see if London Drugs’ new Same Day Delivery service is available in your area. If so, order before the designated cut off time, and you can save yourself a trip to the store and get those batteries to your door pronto! Crisis averted!

Let’s take the band on the road!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Duracell.

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