10 Tips for a Safe Halloween – including the Dad Tax rule

Halloween, the only time we actively encourage our kids to walk around at night, knock on random doors and accept candy from strangers.

However, there are a few tips to make sure the kids stay safer than otherwise thought.

  1. Wear something reflective. Drivers can’t see you, especially if you’re wearing a black costume or you’re on a dimly lit street. Make the kids stand out with a snap bracelet or glow necklace.
  2. Travel in groups. A child by themself is an easy target or can get distracted and wander off. Make sure the kids stay as a group and, if you’re with them, take regular headcounts.
  3. Warn them about people with fireworks. The kids who throws fireworks around clearly aren’t the smartest. Warn your little ones to keep their distance and if they see a sparkler or firework that looks like it didn’t go off properly to leave it as it could still explode.
  4. Don’t bring your pets trick or treating. Dogs can get spooked easily and you don’t want it barking at a kid or freaking out and biting somebody. Make sure they have a quiet, safe space at home for the evening.
  5. Name brand candy only, in sealed wrappers. I don’t want those. No Milky Ways either. They’re gross.
  6. Bring flashlights and headlamps. A visible child is much safer when walking down a dark road.
  7. Be allergy aware. If your child or someone they’re with has any allergies, tell the houses and they might have options for them.
  8. Go through your candy when you get home and you can see what you’re eating. Make sure nobody slipped you anything – like a toothbrush or homemade nonsense.
  9. Pay the Dad-Tax. For every 10 candies you get, Dad needs 1. It’s just the law, I don’t make the rules.
  10. If you don’t want your kids eating candy for days, suggest the Switch Witch. She comes at midnight and swaps all your candy for a toy (and then the parents eat the candy all the way until Christmas).

Happy Halloween!

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