Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories: The Fox Who Loved Pumpkins

Every night my daughter asks for a new made-up story and since she loves them so much, I figured I should start writing them down so I don’t forget.


Every Autumn, Charlie the Fox would get very excited indeed. As well as the candy at Halloween, the leaves turning brown, and the cooler weather, he loved loved loved pumpkins.

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So one beautiful October day, Charlie the Fox went to the pumpkin patch to find the biggest one he could find.

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He looked high and low. He picked some up to see which ones weighed the right amount. He even licked one to check for ripeness. Until he found it. The biggest, most perfect pumpkin he ever saw. It was huge.

Wanting to take it home and put it outside his house, which was very small, smelly, and falling apart, and happened to be at the bottom of the hill, he tried to push it out of the pumpkin patch. But he couldn’t. It was just much too heavy.

So he tied a rope around it and tried to pull it, but it was too big. There was no way to move it. Until he had a bright idea. He cut a hole in the top and pulled out a spoon and started to eat the inside. He ate and ate and ate. After an hour he was full, but the pumpkin was hollow. As he collapsed against the pumpkin wall, after eating all that juicy pumpkin, it started to wobble.

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The whole pumpkin started to roll down the hill. It rolled faster and faster toward his house. “Perfect!” thought Charlie. “It’s going to stop right outside my little old house and be a lovely decoration.

But it didn’t stop. The pumpkin rolled right into Charlie’s rotten old house and squashed it.

“Oh, my old house. It’s flat,” said Charlie.

But Charlie didn’t mind. He got his knife and cut a door and two windows right in the side of his perfectly huge pumpkin and made it his new home, and he couldn’t have been happier.

The end.

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Disclaimer: This was written by me, James R.C. Smith and is not to be printed or published unless by me and I get all the lovely money. All rights reserved, copyright SocialDad/ James R.C. Smith, 2023, and every year after that.

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