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Dapper Dads and Fashionable Fathers Share Their Summer Style Tips

Before I got married, black t-shirts and blue jeans were my go-to. I had about 5 sets of each and they always looked good, I thought.

I’ve since learned a few tips thanks to my wife, my daughter, and Queer Eye being on Netflix (I French Tuck all the time now).

My personal style is a mix of smart shirts that I can wear to work and hard-wearing while being comfortable enough to wear day-to-day. If they’re wife-approved, then even better!

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Jacket – Zara Men, Sunglasses – Rayban, Jeans – Lucky Brand

My favourite brands are either local or North American-made with bonus points if it helps a good cause like Ole Originals‘ recent North Shore shirt to raise funds for the North Shore Rescue or TenTree, who plant 10 trees for each product sold.

I really love it if I don’t have to look too hard to find what I want, so when online stores like has a ‘Made in Canada‘ section, it makes things a lot easier!

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Another all-time favourite is Filson, a Seattle outfitter company which makes clothes and accessories fit for Alaska.

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Shirt and Hat – Filson, Jeans – Ben Sherman

Stacey Robinsmith aka is another great fan of Filson (and is much more of an outdoorsman than I).

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Via Stacey Robinsmith. Shirt and hat – Filson

He says: “My number one fashion tip is to buy quality clothing like Filson or Ben Sherman so that the clothing lasts. Avoid “fast fashion” which creates endless waste. Also, don’t wash your jeans!”

However, Dads are notorious for their style, or sometimes lack thereof and I wanted to find out exactly what Dad-style is and get some tips from Fashionable Fathers.


Via Casey Palmer

“My entire thing is to take what’s classic and put my modern spin on them. Floral print dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Bow ties, suspenders and a crisp pair of jeans. It’s about learning what looks good on you and OWNING it.

As my body changes, I need to look at getting new clothes. We’ve got ripped elbows, popped buttons, and threads liberating themselves from where they SHOULD be, but I look forward to adding some new, colourful pieces to my wardrobe! “- Casey Palmer,

Via Casey Palmer

I didn’t make a category for bear-themed sweaters, but I should have.

Sweater – Old Navy, Watch – Daniel Wellington

Function Over Fashion

“Honestly, I was fairly into style and what I looked like before I had kids, but now I value function. I like sustainable brands, locally or Canadian made if I can swing it. But it needs to be versatile and comfortable for all the various things I could get up to with a toddler. If I get juice spilled on me, or snot all over my shirt while out, I need it to survive and possibly hide it till I can get home.” – Matt Richard,

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Via DashingDad_YYC on Instagram. Jeans – Levis, Watch – Fossil, Shoes – Sperry

“I like Canadian made clothing that lasts between 7-10 years and can be worn in any situation. I’ve been wearing this grey roots sweater for 10 years now! haha! ”  -David Pierre, @Life_with_Benjamin

eddie bauer cargo pants, cargo pants, mens camping pants,

“I wear Eddie Bauer. I like their concealed cargo pocket pants and shorts (Guide Pro). I like the lifetime warranty. I’ve gotten two pairs of new pants because of cargo pocket zipper failure. They treat me right” – Stephen Fung, 

Another brand that I’ve recently discovered is Criquet, a vintage-style polo shirt company, part-owned by actor and stylish man, Luke Wilson. I love how comfortable they are and that they look smart enough for wearing to an event. Especially when it’s too hot to be in a constrictive collar!

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Fellow Dads, it’s over to you! What are your top tips for a winning Dad-style? Comfort or Fashion, what comes first?

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  1. Stacey Robinsmith

    July 26, 2019 at 7:34 am

    My comment to “not wash your jeans” is actually a bit more complicated. People tend to wash jeans far too often which wastes water and wears out your jeans much too quickly. Washing jeans much less frequently is better for jeans AND the environment. Also, I look for companies that are aware of and working towards being more environmentally sustainable. Levi’s is working towards “waterless” manufacturing in their jeans manufacturing. I appreciate organizations that care about the world we all share.

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