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The Best New Things from the Home & Housewares Show

I’m at the trade-only International Home and Housewares show in the very chilly Chicago.

Sellers, inventors, big brands, and up-and-comers are all showing off their ideas.

I’ve walked the floor, blasted through my step-goals for the weekend and have picked a few awesome products to show you.

Multi-Use bags from Green Upward

In a mission to help replace plastic bags, Green Upward have created the nicest canvas bags I’ve seen.

They come in 1/2 gallon, gallon, and 2 gallon sizes and are available from Green

Kids’ fun cutlery by Constructive Eating

This solves 3 problems. Firstly, getting kids to stay at the table while mum and dad eat. Secondly, to get them interested in their food, and lastly to keep them quiet so we can actually have a conversation.

They come in three designs, dinosaurs, construction, and gardening. Check out Constructive for more.

Seafood tools from Toadfish Outfitters

For those of us who love shrimp, oysters, crab, and all the other delicious things from the ocean, these beautifully crafted and nice-in-the-hand tools are perfect.

They work really nicely and are clearly made with a passion for the outdoors. Visit Toadfish Outfitters or find them on Amazon. I might get some for the next #5DadsGoWild trip!

Tablet Typewriter keyboard from Qwerkywriter

I genuinely miss my typewriter. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as banging away on the old keyboard and feeling like you’re writing to a long-lost acquaintance.

The Qwerkywriter connects via Bluetooth to your tablet and lets you clickity-clack away to your heart’s content.

Check out for more.

Reusable bottle from Dopper

Reusable water bottles and coffee cups are huge at IHHS this year, but this one really caught my eye. As well as the cool design that gives you a serving cup and bottle in one, it’s actually helping the planet.

Each bottle is 100% sustainably made, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. Visit for yours.

Reusable silicone straws from GO Sili

Another key product this year has been straws but this one seems to be the best. It’s dishwasher safe, comes in a wide array of colours, and has a cool tin to pack it away without gathering that fluff from the depths of your bag.

Visit to get yours.

French press from Espro

Espro, a Vancouver-based company have created a new version of a french-press coffee brewing pot. The twin filters keep sediment from your cup and actually stop the brewing process once you push down the plunger. That means those last few sips won’t be bitter anymore.

They were also serving some delicious coffee samples, of which I have had a few. Yum! Visit them at

Right, I need another coffee and to sit down. There’s a lot more to see and many more hours left in the show. Wish me luck!


  1. Lisa Kaela Yu

    March 5, 2019 at 9:23 am

    All of these look super cool! Especially the typewriter one – right up my alley. Cool finds. Cheers

    1. jamesrcsmith

      March 6, 2019 at 11:21 am

      Yeah it’s awesome! I want one for my desk. I just wish it wrote directly onto paper like the old ones did.

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