10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Parents, But Should

Hey kids, you’re old enough to know a few things by know. Some of them may be a little weird to hear but it’s ok, just go with it. If you don’t understand these right now, it’s fine. Perhaps when you’re a little older and you’ve got kids of your own you’ll remember a few of these and you’ll get it.


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  1. When you’re in bed, your parents eat the candy you didn’t even know was in the house
  2. Sometimes your parents will yell at you to ‘Get down!’ or ‘Stop doing that right now’. It’s not because they don’t want you to have fun, it’s so that you don’t die or lose a limb.
  3. Your Mum and Dad (or guardian figures) have no clue how to raise you. They’re figuring it out as they go along, so go easy on them sometimes.
  4. If they come back from work tired and need a rest before playing with you or driving you somewhere, give them a few minutes. They’re at work so you can afford food, a place to live, and literally all of your stuff.
  5. They really like it when you say thank you or help around the house without being asked. Seriously, you’ll make their day.
  6. Your parents want you to come home safe. If they ever tell you ‘I don’t care if you get drunk, call or text me and I’ll come and get you’, they mean it. There’s no judgement. We’ve all been to a party and had a few too many. People throw up, just be safe.
  7. Your mum is always right. Don’t question it.
  8. Remember when your recorder went missing from your music box and we just couldn’t find it? Your Dad threw it out. It was too squealy and he’s happy it’s gone.
  9. Sometimes your drawings went in the recycling. They were truly loved, but when you produce hundreds of scribbles per day, using up all the paper from the printer, it gets a little much.
  10. You are their favourite person in the world. They either made you, adopted you, raised you, or helped you grow into the mess you are today. It’s ok though, we’re all messes desperately trying to keep it together for the next generation. It’s hard so if you see us struggling, help us out.


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