Meet Other Moms with the Peanut App

Being a parent can be a lonely lifestyle. Sure you exchange pleasantries with other parents at the park or when your child shares, waves at, or accosts another, but it’s often hard to meet people to talk to when you’re only company is a baby. 

Some clever and opportunistic people have created Peanut, a Tinder-style app for Moms to meet other Moms. 

You can log in via Facebook and see who’s in your area. Then you’re free to find people who you might get along with and arrange to meet for a coffee, play date, or escape from the routine. 

It’s a great idea, although I’d love to see an option for Dads. I know that the majority of my life is get up, go to work, come home and am right into washing up, rolling around on the floor and working on dinner, bath time and bed routines. 

I asked the Peanut App team via Twitter and it looks like it hasn’t been ruled out for a future version:

Tinder for Dads, peanut app, tinder for moms
What do you think, would you sign up to Peanut or a Dads’ version? 

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