Two Lessons Every New Parent Should Know

If you’re reading this as a future parent, welcome to a world of other people’s advice. Some you’ll find works, some doesn’t.

When we were expecting, I would often get advice from people who had never actually had kids, but seemed to (think they) knew a lot.

This brings me quickly to my first lesson.


1. Find what works for you and do that. 

Every family dynamic is different. Every child is different, and everyone has their own styles of parenting. ‘Experts’ will make you feel like you’re doing it wrong and everyone is bursting to share their opinions. Do what works for you and your family.


As long as you’re all sheltered, fed, and happy, you’re doing something right.


2. Routine is everything. Break it when you need to. 


If you start rocking baby to sleep on you and then find after a while he/she won’t sleep by themselves, it’s because you’ve only trained them to go to sleep on you.

If they start eating treats instead of real food and then refuse what you’re offering at mealtimes, it’s because you’ve taught them that.


Routines and habits are all breakable and we can all be retrained. It can take time and above all, consistency.


That’s it. Just two quick lessons today.


Now go and have a nap.



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