The Secret to Spring Cleaning Success – in the fastest, easiest possible way

Spring cleaning is like going on a diet. Nobody enjoys doing it, but the results make the world of difference. 
To start, you’re going to need a list of equipment:

  • Trash bags
  • Boxes to put yard sale and charity donations
  • Cleaning supplies – don’t get the usual harmful (and super smelly) liquid soaps and detergents, get an all-natural one like Aspen Clean or Mrs Meyers. They work the same but they won’t ruin the planet or stink out your house. 

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Ok, you’re all set. The secret is: Be ruthless! 

Throw out everything you haven’t used in a month. If there’s food in the cupboard that you haven’t eaten and replaced, donate it or compost it. Got some toiletries from christmas that you’re saving? Chuck them, sell them, or give them away. 

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We’ve all got too much stuff and it’s time to get rid of that junk. You’re not a horder, so any magazines that have piled up beside your bed have to go too.

Once that’s done, get cleaning. Pull the sofa away from the wall and vacuum the year of dust. Now you’re going to get scrubbing. 

I’ve tried the whole lemons and vinegar thing and it just makes more hassle, takes longer and works slightly less well than something equally harmless, like the Aspen range. 

Pour some of that all natural soap into a bucket with hot water and do the surfaces, put zip ties around the loose wires that have been dangling from your coffee machine, kettle and TV since you bought them. 

Are you done? Look around and see what catches your eye. Are there old letters on the side? Mugs that you have out, even though you use a different one every day? Those can go too. 

You did it! Great work. Now buy yourself a treat like a cupcake or a new TV. 
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10 thoughts on “The Secret to Spring Cleaning Success – in the fastest, easiest possible way

  1. Unlike most of the world, I love spring cleaning! I’m going to have to try the products you suggested! I haven’t quite found any I really like yet.

  2. You’ve got me inspired! I need to get rid of things I don’t use or wear. I’m usually pretty good about it, I don’t generally feel emotionally attached to things, but with certain articles of clothing, if I still think they’re beautiful but haven’t worn them, I hang on to them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. This is great advice! I really need to start some Spring Cleaning. I feel so much better after it is done and I love Mrs. Meyers too!

  4. You’ve nailed spring cleaning in two words – be ruthless. Can’t agree more. I had been putting the project for another day but finally, last weekend, got down to business. And, boy, no one realizes how much they have accumulated until they decide to throw it away!

    – Prerna /

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