Taste-Test: Tiny Tummies Baby Food

I’ve written a few times about trying to find a balance between what my daughter would like to eat, and what she should be eating. She’d love to be lunching on grilled cheese sandwiches and watermelon, but that’s not really a rounded diet.

In ‘Why Your Baby Should Eat Better Than You‘, the main nutrition sources were mentioned, but finding something that suits a fussy person’s taste palette is another challenge in itself.

In the name of science, parenting, and because I met the sisters who founded Tiny Tummies (and really liked them!), the first ever SocialDad taste test is with ‘Scarlett’s Sweet Beets Blend’.

The ingredients are: Organic Beets, Organic Prunes, Organic Apple, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Amaranth, and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


I tried it first, as if anyone’s going to be a guinea pig, it should be me. I grimaced, knowing full-well what baby food usually tastes like, as I took a daring spoonful of the red mixture.

It took a second, but thank goodness. My eyes opened and I relaxed my posture. Scarlett’s Sweet Beets were actually pretty good. I was able to taste the different ingredients, unlike the usual mush that comes in those handy pouches. And it was sweet. Not sugary sweet, but the sweetness you get when you make your own smoothie with apples and beets.

Let’s see what my picky baby thought when it was her turn.

She ditched the spoon pretty quickly and went hand-first into the pot. This was my first mistake.

Success! She likes it! The first handful turned into another, and another.

Then as I stood on, taking photos of the occasion, I realised that I should have prepared a bath ahead of this mealtime shenanigan.

There you have it. The mealtime was a partial success. She loved her new find, but the clean-up was a tricky affair. Tiny Tummies’ Scarlett’s Sweet Beets Blend gets two very messy thumbs up.

Want to try some of the Tiny Tummies range yourself? Here’s where to pick some up. 




Disclaimer: The lovely team at Tiny Tummies paid me to try this, but the words are all my own, and the results were genuine. Obviously!


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