The Road to IVF: The Second Try

We’ve been down this road before, our very first try with IVF, thanks to the wonderful staff at Olive Fertility, got us two tested embryos, and one perfect baby. The other embryo was implanted, but wasn’t meant to happen. 

Today, 15 months and a few days after the birth of our perfect daughter, my wife started the injections to get her body ready.

Let me just say, that this isn’t going to be full of detailed medication amounts, and technical terminology. This is an honest telling of the Dad’s side of it.

After some late night revision and hunting down YouTube videos of how to mix the powder and saline, and how to use the Puregon pen, we were ready. This morning, she followed the instructions flawlessly, as I tried my hardest to offer motivational words and support. I held the needle as she swabbed and arranged the paraphernalia.

So far so good. The medicine, via syringe, was in. 

It’s hard to watch the person you love, stab herself with a needle. It leaves you pretty helpless, only hoping that your words and company are somewhat useful. 

Tonight is the Puregon and then it starts again. Updates to come, I’m sure. 

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