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Using Social Media in Your Jobhunt 

We all like to feel wanted, and a great way to get Recruiters coming to you is to put yourself out there online. 
The first step is making your LinkedIn profile work for you. 

1. Your headshot. 

If your profile photo is the last time you wore a suit, at your friend’s wedding, get a new photo. A selfie or won’t do either. 

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Get a friend to take a photo of you, dressed in something smart (but not too formal) against a neutral background. 

No sunglasses, other people, pets, or swimwear. I’ve seen them all. 

2. Detail your duties and work experience with measurements. 

Instead of ‘grew the brand audience online’, say ‘grew the brand social community by 150% year over year’. 

Quantify everything you’ve done. 

3. Really fill out your notable projects, using plenty of the searchable keywords that a recruiter might be looking for. 

4. Get recommended for projects and roles you’ve had. Your peers, supervisors and reporters can leave a reference for all to see, letting the headhunters that you’re worth contacting. 

5. Update your contact info. Check that any linked blogs or website are still there. 
6. Join LinkedIn groups in your industry, connect with people you know from your company and in your chosen field too as it helps your visibility in people searches. 

Ok, so your LinkedIn is all good. Don’t forget your other channels. Unless you’ve set them to private, Recruiters, HR teams and your future boss can find you and read everything you’ve posted on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and everywhere else you’ve been writing. Make sure that your personal brand is consistent and won’t offend or put anyone off from giving you an opportunity. 

Need any other tips or have questions, send a tweet to @JamesRCS on Twitter

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  1. jsebastian

    February 28, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Very important advice. I remember when I had my interview for the company I now work for they asked me to submit links to both my Twitter and Instagram accounts in my application! Would you be interested in sharing some of your social media advice with our community on We have a lot of young writers and readers who I think would get a lot out of what you’re writing on this blog.

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