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3 Reasons We Tweet During an Election: The Psychology of Social Sharing.

Well, last night was an interesting turn of events. My entire social feed was full of election-themed messaging, and I noticed that it was all in a similar vein to my own thoughts (and worries).

As in real-life, we surround ourselves with people who we see as similar to ourselves. Humans love and trust homophily , the love of the same. It makes us feel safe and reinforced in our own opinions.

During the run-up to the US election, as Clinton battled Trump for the race to the White House, social media lit up. We reached for our phones and updated the world on our feelings, along with a few gifs to lighten the mood.

Here’s why:

  1. Social validation – we need to feel that our opinions are the right ones, so we seek out similar-thinking people and join a conversation that supports our arguments.
  2. To seek out information – Who’s winning? What’s happening? Are we doomed or is this a good thing?
  3. Sharing and trying to relieve emotions – Social media can be a great place to vent and to share funny or witty updates to break the mood.



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