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#VoteHillary vs #VoteTrump – the Social Numbers

The big day is tomorrow. The 2016 US election is unifying the world, not with it’s politics, and certainly not with the candidates, but with the sheer magnitude.

Everyone has an opinion, and while the rest of the world watches, our American friends are voting.

As a Social Media Specialist, I was curious to see just who, where, and how many people are sharing their views online. I tracked #VoteHillary and #VoteTrump using Spredfast‘s Intelligence tool.

The numbers below are from Oct 31st at 9am – Nov 6th at 10pm.

Demographics: Who’s talking?



Geo: Where are they?



Content: What are they saying and sharing?



Total activity:

So, why is #VoteTrump more used than #VoteHillary?

Because, the most popular hashtag is #ImWithHer – the only tag which creates ownership and a personal connection between a candidate and the person talking about them.

Here’s the numbers for #ImWithHer:


November 8th is your time to make a difference. Your vote counts, so don’t just tweet it, understand who you’re asking to lead the US and it’s interests.


#VoteTrump is the only tag with a negative growth of -8%.  #ImWithHer is up 19% and #VoteHillary is up 23%. Together with #ElectionDay, so far the collection has a Twitter reach of almost 8 Billion impressions!


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