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Facebook at Work – launching soon

Facebook’s paywalled and, potentially answer-all tool for companies is about to launch. It promises to replace Skype or MS Lync (thank goodness) with live video features, Yammer with a work-appropriate news feed, and will compete with Vancouver-based internal communication tool Slack.


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The word is that it’ll be a per-user pricing structure, though it may have a basic level of access for free like Slack, Yammer and Skype.

While many will be excited to get going with Facebook’s new offering, the real and inevitable challenge will be to get the ‘higher-ups’ to sign off on a communication tool for their team. Will they just use it to chat? Is this like regular Facebook? Is it secure?

If you think you’re going to need to convince someone, there will be plenty of buzz and trust-building case studies around the companies whom have already signed up, including 36k employees at Telnor, 100k at Royal Bank of Scotland and 60,000 other companies on the wait list for the beta version.



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