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How Social Media May Come To #PokemonGo!

Everyone is talking about Nintendo’s new game, and some are loving it! Others, not so much (including the guy in Vancouver with a PokeGym on his kale patch!). But either way, it’s this summer’s craze and it’s taking the world by storm.

However, even though you can challenge strangers, collect points and join a team, PokemonGo! is still an iscolating game. The next stage will have to be a tie-in to the users’ existing social networks.

If the app connected to Facebook or Twitter, the players could challenge their friends and compete with their level-ups and most ‘evolved’ Pokemon.

On another note, brands are chomping at the bit for an opportunity to get a piece of the action, but so far, there aren’t any advertising opportunities. In a similar vein to Facebook ‘check-in’ locations, it could be foreseeable for PokemonGo! to allow a faster Pokestop request (a real-life location for players to collect virtual in-game items) for businesses and community buildings, and therefore attracting users to become customers.

What do you see as the next phase to the most downloaded game in US history?

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