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Making Instagram Work For Your Brand

Instagram has become a key driver in B2C communications in the last year or so. When measuring your brand’s most engaging online content (engagement rate divided by audience size), I’ve seen the photo sharing network to be topping the list.

If your brand’s product is tangible, then driving your consumers to take photos of their purchases will be key to sharing your message. People trust the opinions of their peers and social groups far more than those of a company, so use user-generated content to your advantage.

Some brands may not have a physical product to sell, but they can use imagery and inspirational photography to convey an emotion which they want to be associated with. If your brand is a travel blog, then post photos which demonstrate you’re a fountain of knowledge and experience, showing places that you’ve been to, with hidden spots off the beaten-path. If you’re company sells flower pots, don’t just show a selection of wares, show them in the most desirable context possible – on the window sill of a cottage overlooking grand scenery, or next to a hammock near a beach.

As Instagram is best viewed on mobile devices, you as the image poster has the rare opportunity to be the only thing visible in that person’s hand. If your consumer is taking a photo of your product, then they are taking a moment out of their day to show how something in their life is admirable and therefore, worthy of showing-off.

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If you’re lucky enough to have an audience who take photos for you, be sure to thank them – and really mean it! A simple ‘like’ isn’t enough. Take a moment to go on their profile, find their name and use it in your response. If you have people who regularly contribute, send them vouchers to keep them in your product. They are now representing your brand and providing you with new content. Be nice and nurture the relationship, it’ll do wonders for both sides of the camera.

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