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RivalIQ – My New Favourite Social Reporting Tool

In my position, I get to try out a number of ‘game-changing’ social media monitoring tools. Whether it’s an update from one of the big players, or a sales call from an application that keeps popping up after the last ‘see where we are in six-months’ call, I hear about them all.

I either use, or have used Hootsuite, Mention, Spredfast (love this) and a vast number of in-betweeners, all offering what we don’t quite need.

However, after being lead in the direction of RivalIQ, I was excited to find one that actually does what I need on a day-to-day basis.

It’s all well and good, being able to see what’s happening on my own networks. It’s essential to monitor and measure impressions, engagement levels and audience levels. However, knowing where you (and your brand) places within your competitors is vital for moving forward.

If you have your competitor list accurately defined, you can assume that you’re talking to the same audience. Therefore, if your competitors are reaching a lot more of the market, they will see better sales. Using RivalIQ, you can see their engagement across networks, audience increase and volume.

When the time comes to make a presentation on where your company stands within the marketplace, RivalIQ will send you a report, either using selected charts or from your ‘favourite’ data sets, which really saves time!

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Go to their website, set up a call and find out more. Your company needs to know how they compare in their social landscape, as well as hear about, in real-time what their competitors are doing. RivalIQ will even email you daily updates with any news on your competitors’ stand-out posts, rise or fall in engagement levels and any changes to their social platforms.

I know, it sounds like this is a sales pitch, but it’s not. They’re not paying me, they’re not even discounting my account. It’s just an excellent tool, and with a start-up spirit, the team is ready for a call or email to walk you through the platform at short-notice.

Thanks RivalIQ for being awesome. I can’t wait to keep using this new tool!

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