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The most important reason why people want Uber

Taxi drivers are up in arms about Uber, a driver-summoning smartphone app which allows the user to request a driver to pick them up, shares their location and handles the payment and tip, without having to discuss money or worry about having the right change.

However, the taxi drivers aren’t happy. The introduction of Uber into a city has drastically changed the way we use public transport. Uber users don’t have to go outside to flag a cab – which may, or may not stop.

While there are alternatives, which are used by the taxi industry, for example, Hailo – an app which has many of the advantages of Uber, but with London cabbies.

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In my opinion, the company that is most at-risk with the introduction of Uber into a city like Vancouver – is Car2Go. Now you won’t need to be a designated driver. The novelty of finding a nearby Smart car will be replaced with the freedom to enjoy your night however you see fit, and know that you’ll be able to get home safely.

So, the element that people get with Uber, that they don’t with taxis – choice. Uber offers a rating system, that allows both user and driver to choose to accept the offer of a particular lift/passenger. Both sides have an account, with a photo, name and contact information, as well as ratings from previous experiences with the app. If they are a messy passenger, rude or abusive, future drivers won’t have to put themselves through another negative experience.

If the driver is creepy, a poor driver or makes the passenger feel uncomfortable, then their profile will reflect that and they won’t get much further business.

I’ve only had excellent experiences and can’t wait for the option of an Uber driver to come here, to Vancouver. Having said that, there’s nothing more comforting on a cold and rainy night, than seeing the glowing yellow ‘Taxi’ on one of London’s finest.

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