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Is wearable tech a terrible thing?

I love gadgets, tech and innovation. However, since an experiment where I sold the iPhone of which I couldn’t let go, for 6 months I felt more in touch with my surroundings.
Until, I caved and bought the latest Smart phone with the biggest screen in could find.

I am, however, still conflicted. While having a smart phone, (or as they are now the go-to-device, let’s just call it a ‘phone’), is necessary for living these days, I feel very rude if I pull the device out in a face-to-face conversation. I also think it shocking to see two people at another table, both on their own phones, ignoring each other. Why are they together? Is it a coincidence that they’re both out, in the same Starbucks and just happened to be grabbing a drink for something to taste while their submerged in Whatsapp and Facebook?

Everyday, a new rumour comes out for Apple’s iWatch, the latest Android offering or an exclusive from the East that’ll beat the wearable tech from the big players to market.

My question is, will wearable tech throw-off the already undecided balance of being in one’s device vs the real world?

Google Glass, while still looking daft, gives the wearer a layer between themselves and the world. Currently, our phones are easily stowed away once reminded that it’s considered (by most) to be rude to text, email, play while being in the company of others.

If, and when the smart watches come to market and become mainstream, as they most likely will, is the challenge of getting someone to look up going to become harder?

Perhaps I’m just feeling my age and am still unable to let go of the value of face-to-face communication.

As a Social Media specialist and and online community manager, I know that my role entirely depends on interaction while connected to any number of social networks. I understand that the types and level of online engagement is critical to maintain a ‘relationship’ and to reinforce brand trust and loyalty.

I have to maintain though, that while everything is online, social and interactive, even the things we now, and soon will wear, it’s vital that we look up once in a while and mix it up with a coffee with a friend – but out your phone/smart-watch/internet glasses away at the table.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me at @JamesRCS.

photo credit to: Brett Jordan – flickr

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