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LinkedIn have just announced that they’re going to be introducing target advertising to you, the users. Facebook and Twitter already use frightening ‘Big Data’ to find out exactly who you are and what you might want to buy.

But don’t panic. There’s one step that you can take to make sure that the advertising that brands, networks and big, mean companies spend millions of dollars on, work for you.

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Nothing. You don’t have to do a thing. Targeted ads are amazing. Marketing companies, brands and strategists spend huge amounts of money, time and use the very latest technology and tracking information to show you exactly what you want, when you want it.

You may worry that they’re invading your right to privacy, capturing all your likes, geographical information and personal data, which they are. However, so is everybody else.

Your information is worth as much to them as their commission on whatever product you might buy next. Whether you’re brought there directly from advertising, a sponsored article which ‘just happened to be in YOUR news feed, or via subtle suggestion, they have everything to gain from giving you the right product.

If you’re shown an advert which is annoying to the point of you disliking the brand, they lose. If an advert for a Facebook page you liked months ago says something to rub you the wrong way, they lose.

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If there’s any potential that the advertisement which has been tailored to, specifically you and the people just like you (in age, gender, location, top hobbies, orientation, previous purchases, political opinions and fondness of particular brands) isn’t raising an interest in a product, then they have just lost in a big way.

Don’t fear ‘Big Data’. It’s there to give you everything that you need. While everyone wants to know your likes and dislikes, only the successful ones last long enough within their incredibly competitive market, to actually get in front of you.

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