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Win a Case of McSweeney’s Turkey Jerky

#sponsored We’re almost at the one-month mark of the SocialDad90Day challenge and I’m so proud of the group’s progress. Whether it’s gaining strength, losing weight or just feeling more confident, we’re all well on our way to reaching our goals.   Part of my success so far has been a low-sugar, low carb diet. This is often really hard to maintain as all the snacks I can think of are full of both. Luckily, I’ve always had a bag of turkey jerky in my  ...

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4 Easy Breakfast Healthy Hacks

Breakfasts are hard. There’s never enough time, and trying to figure out how to make healthy choices is kind of a hassle.   Here are 3 super-easy ways you can start your day off right, plus an answer to the ultimate conundrum – how to boil an egg, perfectly EVERY time.    ...

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