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Short Days, Bright Lights: A Festive Guide to Outdoor Lighting

I absolutely love this time of year. The colder weather brings big sweaters and hot drinks. There’s something truly special about bracing yourself to go out into the wild rain and foggy mornings that comes with the change in seasons.   Going to work and coming home in the dark does get a little tiresome however. I’ve tripped on plant pots, slipped on frozen puddles, cleared cobwebs with my face, and bumped my head on ladders, all because I simply didn’t see them.  ...

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My 30-day Sea-Licious Challenge

#Spons Aside from my daily multivitamins, I’m pretty bad at taking any supplements. To be honest, I only take them because they’re basically candy.   I know we’re constantly reminded that a balanced diet is the key to a healthy life, but living that mantra isn’t always the easiest thing.  ...

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