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Why Does Starbucks Ask for My Name? (and other customer service silliness)

Starbucks is a pretty standard cup of coffee. The lattes are fine and the Americanos are decent. But why oh why do they ask for my name when I order one? “Can I take your name?”, the Barista asks as I pay for my second coffee of the day. “It’s James” I over-pronounce. After standing at the other end of the bar, “Grande skinny vanilla latte” is called out. It’s for me. So what happened to my name? Is it written down somewhere? Did they save it  ...

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Why New Dads Make the Best Employees

Becoming a father has been an incredible experience so far. It’s truly amazing to create a person that finds you simultaneously fascinating, infuriating, hilarious, and nurturing. In addition to my new home-life challenges and constant rewards, my work-life has improved. I’m more focused on my  ...

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