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Dressing for Adventure – A Dad’s Guide

#sponsored I need to give two very clear disclaimers here. I’m not a model and I don’t really know anything about fashion. What I do know is how to dress for the office, and what feels comfy. My previous clothing choices for going hiking usually consist of whichever boots I can find in the back of the cupboard, jeans, a t-shirt and rain jacket that I got free from my old work. These are neither practical, nor look particularly good. Before my next adventure, which will be a hike  ...

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Read The North This Canada Day

Sponsored Oh, Canada. You really are a beautiful place of talented entrepreneurs, anecdotes of your founders and the trading travelers, glorious mountains ripe for the climbing, and coasts that inspire even the faintest of imaginations. For some reason, perhaps because you want to keep them all  ...

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