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Working From Home? Here’s How to Separate Your Life and Your Laptop

Those of us lucky enough to be still working are trying to balance family life and trying to get our jobs done remotely. As a parent, this is obviously tricky and easy to fall into a number of traps: Getting distracted by kids Losing track of your hours and working beyond 9-5 Stop taking care of yourself Let’s start with the first one, and this one might be futile, but it’s at least worth trying. Do Not Disturb I’ve set myself up in a separate room and my daughter knows  ...

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Vancouver FINALLY Gets Ride Hailing

There are too many cars on the road. While I usually either cycle or take the train to work downtown, sometimes I just need to be in a car. Obviously, parking is either a huge hassle in the city or crazy expensive. And don’t forget the evenings you just want to go out, have a drink, or  ...

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