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Dad Test Drive: 2019 Ford Edge Titanium

An SUV with a firm grasp on performance, the Ford Edge has been carving out its own niche between the nippy Escape and the sturdy Explorer. I’ve been wanted to try the new Edge for a while, especially as a viable family car and replacement for my Ford Focus. As a Dad, my main criteria are that it has lots of trunk space, a comfy interior with enough room to be able to get a child’s seat in without putting my back out and be comfortable to drive for hours on family road trips. To  ...

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Brand Love

Vancouver FINALLY Gets Ride Hailing

There are too many cars on the road. While I usually either cycle or take the train to work downtown, sometimes I just need to be in a car. Obviously, parking is either a huge hassle in the city or crazy expensive. And don’t forget the evenings you just want to go out, have a drink, or  ...

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Passing on a Love for Storytime

I was always so excited to start a new book when I was a boy. In particular, I remember sitting in bed and trying to keep my eyes open, battling off sleep to finish another chapter of Roald Dahl’s The Witches. I read all of his books, but it was always that one which I used to read with  ...

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