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How a Fridge Saved My Marriage

Sponsored.    Our old fridge came with the apartment. It wasn’t anything special, it just went along, doing it’s job. Until one day when it started to hum.   I don’t mean that it was making a little noise, like most electronics do from time to time, I mean a monotonous, mind-poking hum that wouldn’t let you sleep, or think when you’re nearby.   Until we found time to go and pick out a new one, I had resorted to some foam earplugs, which blocked  ...

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Being A Dad is Hard

Being a Dad is hard.   Some of the time it’s really tiring, and I don’t mean that sometimes I really fancy a nap, I mean that I could be laying on the cold floor in the depths of being truly shattered until I’m summoned by cries, and I honestly have to consider how to dig  ...

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