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Parenting and Keeping Kids Safe in the Metaverse

It was always on the horizon and well-used in science fiction, but now the Metaverse has a clear timeline thanks to Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and their strategic development of a digital world that surrounds us. With the evolution from book-like web ‘pages’ to spaces that we can walk, talk, and exist in, it’s time to think about how we become the guardrails to keep our kids (and ourselves) safe. Learn the tools of the Metaverse I know this all seems incredibly  ...

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Relearning the Heimlich maneuver

On Tuesday night, as I walked from the train and took a shortcut across the park I saw a woman chilling out while sitting on the bench next to the baseball diamond. I looked down at my phone for a minute or two and as I got closer, she was standing up and looked panicked.   I took out my  ...

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