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Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories: Rascals and the Strawberry Farm

Every night my daughter asks for a new made-up story and since she loves them so much, I figured I should start writing them down so I don’t forget. —– Rascals the Hedgehog was very spikey and very hungry and he particularly fancied some juicy strawberries, so he headed off to the Farmers’ Market. Because Rascals has such short legs it took him a long time to get there, so by the time he turned up, all the strawberries had been sold. “Don’t you have any  ...

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Relearning the Heimlich maneuver

On Tuesday night, as I walked from the train and took a shortcut across the park I saw a woman chilling out while sitting on the bench next to the baseball diamond. I looked down at my phone for a minute or two and as I got closer, she was standing up and looked panicked.   I took out my  ...

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