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2023 Christmas Gift Guide: HOT TOYS – part 1

Oh to be young again and looking through the latest catalogues, circling what you’d love Santa to bring you. But don’t worry, I’m here to give my fellow Parents the 4-1-1, or things that are ‘lit’ or ‘vibes’, or something. I don’t know slang. Whatever, here’s a bunch of cool stuff. Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar – $84.99 Organize your best festive season with this Pokemon Holiday Calendar. This product came with 25 surprises that  ...

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Navigating a Toddler’s Fears

My daughter is at the age where monsters under the bed are becoming very real. Her capacity for imagination is developing and it’s all very new and worrying to her. Somewhere around two to three years old, children learn to be anxious and afraid of things, even if it’s entirely  ...

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