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Dads Love Sportchek – Your Father’s Day Shopping List

At last, it’s almost Father’s Day.   Being a Dad is an incredible responsibility with so many wonderful memories made everyday. My daughter keeps me busy and happy and I’m loving every minute of it.     I was doing some thinking about what I’d like as a gift for Father’s Day, as well as what I’m going to buy for my own Dad and I spent most of the thought process mentally walking around Sportchek. Luckily, they’ve asked me to write a  ...

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Should Mum Always Be Bad Cop?

A theme has developed as part of our ever-changing family dynamic. My wife is the one who administers the medicine while our daughter squirms like an otter. She also seems to be the one blowing baby’s nose, cutting nails, and wrestling to get her curly hair into bunches, which look  ...

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