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Are you a Superhero Dad?

Teaser – there’s a big giveaway from my friends at Marks Canada if you keep reading!    As a Dad, I get to wear lots of different hats. Some actual hats, like a fireman helmet, a cowboy hat, and a kitty (not a hat but is insisted it goes on my head), and some figurative ones too, like both good cop and bad cop. I’m often “Doctor Daddy” when we’re playing with her checkup kit (please don’t ask me for actual medical advice), and sometimes a good  ...

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Should Mum Always Be Bad Cop?

A theme has developed as part of our ever-changing family dynamic. My wife is the one who administers the medicine while our daughter squirms like an otter. She also seems to be the one blowing baby’s nose, cutting nails, and wrestling to get her curly hair into bunches, which look  ...

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