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Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Kids – 10 Tips to help school drop-off

My daughter would have to be handed off to her teacher in the morning. Floods of tears from her and an enormous feeling of guilt from me. How could I just walk away knowing that she’s so sad and anxious? Even though I knew she’d be distracted quickly and move on with her day, she was still feeling anxiety from Sunday through to Monday morning, and every other night when she knew she’d be apart from Mum and Dad the morning after. I’d like to preface this with,  ...

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The 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Oooh yeah! It’s that time again. The stores are setting up displays while tweets rain down on my feed with complaints of “it’s too early!” and “we haven’t even had Halloween yet.” Well, I love everything Holiday related and have waited long enough. So, unlike those recipe posts that make you  ...

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