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DIY Living Room Carnival: 7 Fun Activities

Anyone else bored out of their minds? How about your kids? If they’re climbing the walls like my daughter, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. You can stretch it out even longer by getting them to help build the games and bake the snacks. Knock the Cans – make a pyramid from empty drink cans and add point totals to each layer. 2. Bobbing for Apples – a bunch of apples in a mixing bowl filled with water. 3. Fishing for Stuffies – Tie a string or pipe cleaner  ...

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Power Your Toys Like Never Before

Picture the scene, it’s Christmas morning, the kids are opening their presents and can’t wait to turn them on and play with them. Oh, they need batteries. No problem, you’re sure you’ve got some in that top kitchen drawer with the envelopes, tiny Ikea pencil, and a selection of elastic bands.  ...

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