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A Dad’s Wishlist – Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Hooray for Father’s Day! Homemade cards, a bottle of whatever from the liquor store is cool, and oh how sweet a painting of a, umm oh is that a plant? Oh it’s me! Lovely. Let’s put it on the fridge. Here’s a list of things you can get shipped FAST from Amazon. Power Tools Camera gear As the official household photographer (although my wife takes beautiful photos too), cameras are something I’m always passionate about. As well as Father’s Day, my birthday  ...

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The Joy of Missing Out

The fear of missing out or ‘FOMO’ is something that I’ve found hard to let go. What are other people doing? Who are they doing it with? How come nobody told me? When I was younger, I’d become a hermit and convince myself that I was happier to be in my room watching TV,  ...

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