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Dapper Dads and Fashionable Fathers Share Their Summer Style Tips

Before I got married, black t-shirts and blue jeans were my go-to. I had about 5 sets of each and they always looked good, I thought. I’ve since learned a few tips thanks to my wife, my daughter, and Queer Eye being on Netflix (I French Tuck all the time now). My personal style is a mix of smart shirts that I can wear to work and hard-wearing while being comfortable enough to wear day-to-day. If they’re wife-approved, then even better! My favourite brands are either local or  ...

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Men – Save Your Faces

We’re all aware of the harmful effects of the sun, but do you do anything about it?   Nobody wants to wear full sunscreen everyday unless they’re going to the beach, so what are we meant to do?     May is Melanoma awareness month, so here are a few facts from the  ...

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