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Fall Camping – Sleeping Bag Test: #5DadsGoWild

Last year we froze. I bought the cheapest, last minute tent I could find ($29 poorly spent!) and I got in my sleeping bag after a long first day of meeting the other Dads at the first ever 5 Dads Go Wild camping trip. I was snuggled in but couldn’t help feeling the breeze from what I soon discovered was little more than a sun shelter for warm summer camping. After a terrible night’s sleep I woke up and tried to roll off my air mattress, which had to go diagonally in the tent  ...

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Are you a Superhero Dad?

Teaser – there’s a big giveaway from my friends at Marks Canada if you keep reading!    As a Dad, I get to wear lots of different hats. Some actual hats, like a fireman helmet, a cowboy hat, and a kitty (not a hat but is insisted it goes on my head), and some figurative ones  ...

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Being A Dad is Hard

Being a Dad is hard.   Some of the time it’s really tiring, and I don’t mean that sometimes I really fancy a nap, I mean that I could be laying on the cold floor in the depths of being truly shattered until I’m summoned by cries, and I honestly have to consider how to dig  ...

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