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Dad-ing, Social Media How To's

The Very Real Dangers of Raising Kids in a Connected Age

Raising children is hard enough. Everything seems pointy, table edges come far too close to my daughter’s head and I’m constantly worried that something will happen to her. She’s only two, but as her generation and those a little older become more and more active on social media, we have to be vigilant about what and who is speaking on the other side of the phone, tablet or computer. Social Strangers When I was young (I almost said “Back in my day…” now I  ...

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Brand Love

Winter-Safe Driving Tips with Graco

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s getting pretty bad out there. The weather outside is frightful and while I’d rather just let it snow, sometimes you and the family have to brave the elements to get where you’re going.   The roads are either icy or covered in snow, the roads haven’t been  ...

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Why I’m Celebrating Canada Day

I came to Vancouver, BC from England in 2013 with my Canadian wife, who I met in London and we haven’t looked back. I’d visited beautiful British Columbia as home-port in my days working on cruise ships, but never dreamed that I’d call it home. One of the most incredible, and  ...

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