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Trying Out My Dream-Truck: 2017 Ford F150

First off, thanks to the very generous Ford Canada for loaning me the F150 Supercrew for a week in exchange for an honest review.   Now that’s out of the way, brace yourself because this is going to be a gushing review of the truck that I’ve always wanted to drive. Or is it? (It is), (or is it though?).     As I stepped up into the new-car smelling cockpit of the F150, I was daunted. Daunted by the size, and the responsibility of driving something that felt like a  ...

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Social Media How To's

Is Instagram Over?

What do people use Instagram for these days? I was wondering what would happen if the network of filtered-image sharers went down? If we can’t share a vintage-style photo of our Starbucks red cup, did we really have it at all? How will my followers know that I saw a sunset? And where  ...

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