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How to Make a New Year’s Resolution You’ll Stick To

Boooo! The delicious indulgences of Christmas are almost over and my clothes don’t really fit anymore. Actually, if I’m being honest, they haven’t fit properly since the Spring. Time for me to get back on whatever fad diet seems to work and be really proactive at going to the gym or sweating it out on the spin bike while watching Netflix at home. When I’m really being ‘good’ and seeing the progress I can usually make it a few months before it starts to  ...

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My Planet-Saving Diet Plan

First of all, I’m making this public pledge to you so that I actually do it this time. I’ve been plateauing, hard, so need to mix it up. Also, I might save the world. You may have heard recently in the news that eating meat is super bad for the environment. While delicious, the  ...

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