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2017’s Top 5 Must-See Vancouver Sights

Ah, beautiful Vancouver. The home of some of the best beaches, snowiest mountains, and TripAdvisor’s best park in the World! This summer,  over 10 million tourists are expected to enjoy the sights and scenery of Vancouver, BC. According to statistics released by Tourism Vancouver, the city attracted 10,045,068 visitors last year compared to 9,368,521 in 2015. If you’re coming, then welcome! But what should you do when you get here? Thanks for asking, here are five things that  ...

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Celebrate Summer With Local Ale

Sponsored The first day of Summer is almost here and I can’t wait. Here in Vancouver, we got snow, more snow than usual, and the city was a mess. Then it melted, and oh look, more snow. After what seemed like months, it melted and turned to rain. We all ducked for cover and waited it out.  ...

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